Our Programs

No Barriers Youth is the premier educational program challenging young people to contribute their absolute best to the world.

We do this through transformative experiences, classroom tools, and real-world inspiration.

No Barriers Youth programs emphasize positive youth development, enabling youth to see what’s possible in their lives and in the world. Whether through school, camp, or expedition programs, participants are put on a path to fulfill their potential, both personally and as agents of positive change in the world.

Our suite of program options and resources provide multiple entry points to the kinds of experiences that youth may not otherwise have the opportunity to engage in. This suite includes expedition travel programs, camps, retreats, and learning experiences in schools and classrooms.

The unique No Barriers Life learning framework is the foundation for every resource and program we provide.

No Barriers Youth programs are funded in a variety of ways. No Barriers Youth programs that target specific populations or issues may be funded through No Barriers. Many schools and participants also pay, fundraise, or secure funding on their own to cover the cost of programs and resources.